ID#=111199L STOLEN: Female 5 yrs old. Husky, white/with black down back, black nose, she is big and friendly. taken from 4705 W. Caddo, approx 9 a.m. on 11-6-14.  by a white service vehicle with ladder, along with a white SUV.  10 mins later police had report of another husky that was missing from E. Caddo. If you spot a husky with these markings ,  please call: 911, or 203-559-9790...Please bring my baby back, I love her.

id#=200001L cocker spaniel- white with blonde feet and ears, brown freckles on nose, black collar w/piece of leash- lost between 3rd and 5th on ash,had orange bow. Please, Please contact Alena if seen: 580-656-6803

Id#=11173L    7 year old male pit-
Last seen  @ Lake Humprey--call David @ 580-606-1890

ID#=20005L gray/white kitten

ID#=111193L "Miller" (cat) missing since Halloween nite> Pink collar on with vet tags. around Windsor Dr. in Timbergate ed. 580-656-6089

ID#=20008L  tan/white male pit, wearing a purple collar, missing from C and Willow

ID#=11172L  one-eyed pet            918-948-2278

Id#=20004L..Tri-colored male..Border Collie mix."DOG"
short tail, Last seen by Empire School, call Scott @ 580-678-5456

LOST ID#=11187: Long legged Mini Pin mix. Approximately 10 pounds, male, black and red in color with a white chest. He is neutered and answers to the name slim. Last seen in the area of waterplant road. If you see him or know where he is, please call Sherry at 580-656-7494

lost a small male yorkie in duncan by the high school. Was wearing a collar. If you see him or know where he is please call allen 580_251_5736

can call crystal@ 580-232-0025


ID#=111190L Tan/white male pit wearing a purple collar. missing from Willow & C streeet. please help me find my boy. He loves kids, not agressive with other dogs.
please call if you spot him.


LOST: Female Siamese lighter color and very friendly but also very shy. No collar and last seen in the 700 block of 7th st in Comanche. If you see her or know where she is, please call Gina at 405-320-4713


ID#=20004L LOST:4 year old tri colored male Border Collie mix. He is neutered and answers to the name, "Dog", Has a very short tail for a border collie and was last seen by the Empire School. If you see him or know where he is, please call Scott                       @      580-678-5456

Black cat with white tuff on chest , missing from comanche .please call 580-509-0064

ID#=11187. Long legged mini pin mix. approx 10 lbs. male, black and red in color, with white chest, neutered, "SLIM" CALL Sherry @ 580-6567494